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Database: Design, Create, Populate, and Test

To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the learner is able to: Task No. Evidence Create and populate a database [SMS] 3 Import data from an external source Create features in data entry forms to ensure validity and integrity of data Perform queries using multiple tables and multiple criteria VI Export data to an external source Include an advanced feature in a database design Implement an automated function Test a relational database [SMS, RL] Discuss how potential errors in the design and construction of a database can be avoided [III] 4 Evaluate a database against the specified user needLearner Declaration certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own. I have clearly referenced any sources used in the work. I understand that false declaration is a form of malpractice. Learner Signature: Title Date: Assignment Design, create, populate and describe the features of a relational database. Purpose of this assignment The aim of this unit is to enable students to understand the features of relational databases and develop the necessary skills to design, create, populate and test a relational database incorporating advanced features. Task 3 – ScenarioImplement the database design from task 2 in Microsoft Office Access Task 3: 3. 1 Implement the database design from task 2 in Microsoft Office Access by creating at least five tables. Create all the tables as identified in your data model Set up relationships and enforce referential integrity to allow cascade updating and deletion of linked records Populate tables with valid and sensible test data Export all table definitions to a Word document This Provides evidence for CPA] 3. 2 Create test data in a spreadsheet and import into the relevant tables. You will need to document each step of this processThis Provides evidence for [MM] 3. 3 Design and implement all the forms (including at least one sub-form) that have been outlined in the Requirements Specification (see task 2 in the Syst ems Analysis and Design assignment). A consistent of style must be used in order to create a professional mage to allow users to interact with the system. Your implementation must include at least three features for ensuring data validity. Demonstrate and explain your forms to your tutor who will provide a witness statement confirming your success. This Provides evidence for CPA] 3. 4Perform three different types of queries using multiple tables and multiple criteria to search and sort data that are required from the output requirements (see task 2 in the Systems Analysis and Design assignment). Demonstrate and explain your queries to your tutor who will provide a witness statement confirming your success. This Provides evidence for [UP] 3. 5 Export the results of a query to another application. This Provides evidence for [MM] 3. 6 Design and implement all the reports that have been outlined in the requirements taking care to ensure consistency in line with your form designs.Create a â€Å"Main Menu† form as detailed in the requirements and implement at least one advanced feature. This Provides evidence for [MM] 3. 7 Demonstrate and explain the process to your tutor who will provide a witness Implement at least one automated feature from the list below: Macro Scripts program code This Provides evidence for [AS] 3. 8 Once you have completed the database, you will need to make sure that the database is working correctly. You are required to create a test plan that tests the main database functionality. Any test failures should be corrected and annotated using screen shots in a est. log.

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Grave of the Fireflies My Personal Reactions Essay

Yet again this is another war movie. But unlike so many American blockbusters that treat brave soldiers as heroes (such as Pearl Harbor, We were soldiers, Windtalkers, etc.), this one addresses war’s brutal impact on innocent civilians, especially children. With the war on Iraq now undergoing, this point has all the more relevance. Under the same American bombing, innocent Iraqi children are now suffering just as much as Seita and Setsuko in this movie have suffered, and even more, for the Iraqi people and land have long known the horrors of poverty, hunger and dictatorship. This essay, with at the beginning a brief summary and an elaboration of three classic scenes in the movie, is going to present to you the three dimensions of the complex feelings that the movie provokes in my heart on a personal level and thus tries to offer an individual yet hopefully worthy viewpoint for those interested in the movie. Summary and Three classic scenes Grave of the Fireflies is based on a semi-autobiographical book by Nosaka Akiyuki about the death of his sister, and is a very well known book in Japan. The movie itself is about a teenager boy named Seita and his 5-year-old sister Setsuko, and how they try to survive in mainland Japan after the entirety of their port town, Kobe, is destroyed by American fire bombings. Their mother dies shortly after the fires are put out, in a graphic and poignant scene at a community hospital. Their father is in the Navy, and unbeknownst to them, has already died in battle. Unable to tell Setsuko that their mother has died, Seita takes her with him to live with their Aunt. The Aunt, however, cares little for them, and barely feeds them. Seita eventually takes Setsuko, and leaves their aunt’s house for a dug-out shelter by a pond, where he struggles hopelessly to find money and items to trade for food. It all spirals downward in a tragic, yet foreseeable, path to a heartbreaking end, which is slow-suffering death for both brother and sister. There are three scenes in the movie that I find particularly striking and believe do most in delivering the themes of this movie. One is when after  the siblings use the fireflies to illuminate the cave, Setsuko is seen the next morning burying the dead insects, and as she tells that she knows her mother has died and is now also in a grave, she asks with her two large sparkling eyes shadowed and barred by the horrors of war, â€Å"Why do fireflies have to die so quickly?† Another comes after Seita carries his little sister to the hospital and is informed that his sister is starving and needs food, he is somber for a moment murmuring ‘food’, then in a sudden burst of desperation, cries out: â€Å"Where am I supposed to get food?† These two questions stabbed my heart like spears the moment I heard them. These are questions that never really need to be answered but they nevertheless need to be remembered. In the last scene, the ghost of Setsuko lays sleeping comfortably in the lap of her older brother, while he gazes at the night sky over the skyline of a fully modernized city. As one critic elaborates on this last shot, and here I quote, â€Å"They live on, though the world has forgotten them, and will continue to live on forever, reliving their story. They have not forgotten the past; they cannot. And neither should we.† Troubled, Moved, and Pity In fact this is a feeling any human being would have after watching this movie. The story the movie tells is heart-rending enough, as could be well seen from the above description and elaboration. However, the movie’s strength is not in the story, but in the untold. From the time Seita’s ghost appears after his death in a train station at the beginning of the movie, the viewer is haunted by the remembrance of what is to come as he retells his story. There are times when the viewer is allowed to forget about the future, but only for a little while, as Seita and Setsuko’s reappearance brings them back to the sad reality of their impending deaths. A feeling is created that some ghosts (like Seita and Setsuko) are still living, breathing people, and are cursed to watch their agony over and over again. In a scene where Setsuko cries violently for her Aunt not to take her mother’s kimonos and sell them for food, the screen pans slowly and deliberately out of vie w of the main characters, where the orange glow of Seita’s ghost appears. He covers his ears and cringes at his sister’s tears, almost crying himself, but can do nothing to stop them. Even the few heart warming scenes in the movie are interrupted by the truth of what the brother and sister face. There is a scene about a half hour into the movie where Seita takes Setsuko to the beach for the first time. It is a beautiful display of sibling love, and flashbacks of warm memories from their family enter the story. They are all too brief, however, as Setsuko soon discovers a dead body from the war wrapped in straw. Seita tells her the man is asleep, and they do not go to the beach again. Another disquieting scene is of Seita’s ghost watching himself carry his sleepy sister on his back, about to enter his Aunt’s house for the first time. He watches, knowing full well what will come of it, but unable to stop it. Indeed, as Roger Ebert, the famous critic for Chicago Sun-times, wrote in his review essay of the movie, one of Grave of the Fireflies’ greatest gifts is its patience; shots are held so we can think about them, characters are glimpsed in private moments, and atmosphere and nature are given time to establish themselves. The movie does not try to create a dramatic plot or atmosphere; rather it narrates the story out simply and directly, giving the animation an amazingly realistic touch and mood. There is time for silence in almost every scene and between scenes. And in these silences allowed for meditation we the audience are deeply troubled by the horrors of war, moved by the beauty and spirit the siblings display while confronting these horrors and at the same time we feel great pity for their tragic fate. Being a Chinese†¦ Being a Chinese, I found myself at times revolting to the movie in the course of viewing, mainly because, I think, it narrates through a Japanese military family’s point of view and takes a great pity upon the Japanese people. I thought to myself: â€Å"How about the cities you bombed and the villages you burned down? You deliberately invaded other countries and you massacred other peoples at will. During World War II, thousands upon thousands of Chinese people not only died from poverty and hunger, they died as victims to your soldiers’ barbaric slaughtering-for-fun-and/or-competition craze, and as experimenters in your notorious chemical weapon labs. You raped our  women and murdered our children, what right have you got to make such a movie and complain to the world about your miseries in a war largely initiated by your own government’s greed for power and resources?† Some of the characters’ remarks in the movie I find offending, like â€Å"Daddy will make them pay for this†, â€Å"†¦defend our country and motherland†, â€Å"We surrendered? The great Japanese Empire surrendered?† etc. Also the portrait of the impression of the boy’s father being loving, upright and brave somewhat angers me. In this movie, the father is the only soldier of the characters involved, and therefore to some extent he represents the Japanese military. This has some effect in creating the false impression that the Japanese military is upright and is only defending their homeland. Moreover, I cannot help thinking that if Seita was but a dozen years older, he would have been fighting somewhere in the Asias or the pacific, tormenting innocent people of other countries and serving the fascist greed of the Japanese government. Nostalgic Mood Still I admire many of the movie’s beautiful scenes. I believe that the scene of numerous fireflies dancing in the dark and around the brother and sister will remain one of animation’s most memorable scenes and it tickles every child’s heart with wonder. The way that the siblings capture fireflies and set them free inside their net is the most peculiar yet fascinating way of illuminating I have ever seen. The effect it produces is overwhelming: imagine sleeping inside such a net! —- Just as the movie shows, it is just like sleeping under the starry sky in the open air! In fact many of the movie’s scenes ring familiarly with my childhood memories. I remember vaguely when I was small I also went out after dark with my peers to capture fireflies; I also crushed the firefly the first time I tried to hold one in my hands. To me, many of the movie’s displays of natural landscapes and field views accord to South China’s beautiful countryside scenery. It resembles my hometown as I remembered. Nowadays things are unfortunately different. Industrialization and modernization have robbed today’s children the privilege and pleasure of swimming in little ponds and catching fireflies and grasshoppers on summer nights. In fact I have never ever seen a firefly when I go back every summer since I came to Beijing. For  me personally, thereof, the movie in some respects counts more as a nostalgic one remembering good old days than a war movie with profound meanings.

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Diversity Audit

DIVERSITY AUDIT Diversity Audit at Starbucks Starbucks Corporation is a multinational company based in United States. It was founded in the year 1971 and is headquartered at Seattle, Washington. Starbucks is engaged in the business of selling coffee, coffee beans and different types of bakery products all over the world. The company also has a division known as Starbucks Entertainment division which is utilized for marketing films, music and books (Yahoo Finance, 2012). The coffeehouses owned by Starbucks are known for its relaxing atmosphere and the stores are mostly located in places where there is high traffic.This study entails about the diversity audit that have been conducted for Starbucks. The findings of such diversity audit, its assessment and subsequent recommendations have been presented in this study. Findings Diversity audit was conducted for Starbucks through an online survey of the company’s website and other information required for the purpose of conducting th e audit was mostly available over the internet. In addition, some of the employees present in few Starbucks stores were also interviewed to collect relevant facts regarding the cultural diversity prevalent in the company.The key findings of the diversity audit conducted at Starbucks are given below: Starbucks operates its business and stores in different parts of the world. Hence it is obvious that people from different cultures of the world are a part of Starbucks. The people connected with Starbucks can be any of its stakeholders, including its employees, suppliers, etc. As indicated in its website, it can be found that cultural diversity is given high priority and due respect in the company (Starbucks, 2012a). Apart from selling coffees, Starbucks is also engaged in the business of building up new human connections and relationships.Celebration of cultures and community involvement are also part of Starbucks activities. At Starbucks, diversity is defined as the composition of thr ee different aspects. They are: a) Inclusion, b) Accessibility, and c) Equity. Inclusion means human relationships and their engagements in the company. Accessibility refers to removal of barriers for all kinds of people associated with the company and the ease with which people can perform their activities within the organization. Equity represents equal treatment for all with justice and fairness being the two important virtues associated with the company.The strategy of diversity being followed by the company is considered to focus on four main areas. They are: partners, suppliers, customers and communities. The employees of the company are termed as partners here. The company management is involved in the activity of engaging people belonging to different regions and following varied cultures. The people working at Starbucks come from diverse family backgrounds. Starbucks organizes different activities meant for the development of its partners or employees by educating them and engaging them in different kinds of activities.Starbucks is also committed towards giving high levels of satisfaction to its customers by catering to their unique needs. Starbucks is prompt in its service and values the preferences and tastes of its customers. Starbucks tries to build relationships with its customers through adoption of different cultures as required for the purpose. Starbucks also arranges different community development programs as well to show their concern for the community. Starbucks also creates strategic partnerships by investing in companies in the local neighborhood.It also provides different kinds of opportunities for economic development which helps to build a strong relationship between the company and the communities in which it is operating its business. As regards the suppliers of Starbucks, it conducts a program termed as supplier diversity program. This program is meant for increasing the presence of minority groups and women as suppliers of the com pany (Starbucks, 2012a). The diversity effort of the company is mainly directed through a strategic plan formulated by them which is known as Global Diversity Strategy Plan.According to New York Times, nearly 24% of the corporate officers working at Starbucks comprises of women. Women represent around 31% of the population in Starbucks, and 13% of them are people of color. The team members of the Global Diversity team are engaged in different activities in Starbucks. Employees of Starbucks working in different parts of the world and their working environment are assessed and evaluated by the global strategy team of Starbucks. The company also tracks the progress made in the field of diversifying vendors and suppliers of the company. All these are done through an accountability scorecard prepared for he purpose by the global diversity team (The New York Times, n. d. ). The diversity program run by Starbucks named as Starbucks Supplier Diversity Program is meant for encouraging divers ity amongst all the suppliers of the company. The company has set criteria for the suppliers who want to be a part of this program. The two criteria being, a) More than 50% should be owned by either minority people or women, and b) It should be certified by any of the government public agencies like National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC), National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), etc (Starbucks, 2012b).Results of Audit The interview conducted with the Human Resource Manager of Starbucks suggests that diversity is encouraged at all levels and departments of the organization. The women and minorities are given preferences. There are certain criteria laid down by the company regarding recruitment of minorities and women as a fixed percentage of the total employees recruited by the company. The findings from the interviews carried out in Starbucks store includes the employees comprising of different cultures, working together and having a good relationship with each other.It has been observed that the employees of Starbucks love to share their cultural information amongst each other and want to know more about each other. People from different communities come together at Starbucks and they are encouraged to work as a team. The employees seem to be happy while working in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere at Starbucks. Customers are always greeted with smile as they enter the Starbucks stores. Employees get rewarded for their good performance in the company. Everyone seems to encourage diversity in the company and have due respect for each other.People are found to be highly motivated to work for the company and wish to have a long term relationship with the organization. Most of them are found to be loyal to the company. Employee turnover is low and everyone likes to be a part of the Starbucks brand. People are found to be enjoying their work in Starbucks and do not feel any kind of compulsion being imposed on them. Assessment All the f indings mentioned above suggest that diversity is encouraged in Starbucks in almost all aspects of its business operations.Special initiatives are taken by the higher officials of the company to bring about cultural diversity in their organization. The company feels diversity to be the key towards being successful in their strategy of expansion of its business in different parts of the world. The corporate culture at Starbucks is multicultural in nature. The morale of the employees working in the company seems to be high and people coming from various cultural backgrounds are found to work together quite efficiently in the company.The working environment within the organization is also good. Everyone is found to be happy doing their work in the Starbucks stores. The customers visiting the stores are also found to be having a relaxed time and satisfied with the services offered by the company. The company has made a huge progress in the field of imparting cultural diversity in the co mpany through the implementation of various types of initiatives and programs. Hence the managers of Starbucks have been successfully dealing with the diversity issues related to the company.However, it has been argued sometimes that the steps taken by Starbucks regarding cultural diversity was more of a reactive type than being a proactive one (Grodan, 2008). It implies that Starbucks developed all these diversity initiatives only after they found it necessary for running a sustainable business in different parts of the world. Recommendations As evident from the findings and assessment of the diversity audit conducted for Starbucks, it has been successful in implementing multicultural activities within the organization.It is recommended that the company should continue giving value to diversity at all levels of its operations. This would help the company to maintain its competitive advantage in the market. It would also help the company to expand its business successfully in other nations of the world where it does not have presence now. Diversity in the organization would ensure that all the employees working for the company are treated equally. Hence, it would bring about a healthy competition within the organization which would in turn result in increased fficiency of the employees. Apart from the employees, the company should also continue to encourage diversity for other stakeholders of the company like its suppliers and the customers. It would mean customers from different backgrounds and culture could be easily acquired by the company, thereby leading to increased revenues for the company as well. References Grodan, G. (2008). Issues Facing Starbucks and Bank of America. Retrieved from http://voices. yahoo. com/issues-facing-starbucks-bank-america-1901086. html. Starbucks. (2012a).Diversity at Starbucks. Retrieved from http://www. starbucks. com/about-us/company-information/diversity-at-starbucks. Starbucks. (2012b). Starbucks Supplier Diversity Progra m. Retrieved from http://www. starbucks. com/responsibility/diversity/suppliers. The New York Times. (no date). Leading with Diversity: Starbucks Coffee Company. Retrieved from http://www. nytimes. com/marketing/jobmarket/diversity/starbucks. html. Yahoo Finance. (2012). Starbucks Corporation (SBUX): Profile. Retrieved from http://in. finance. yahoo. com/q/pr? s=SBUX.

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Belfast Confetti Essay

The poem ‘Belfast Confetti illustrates the aftermath of a bomb during the troubles that people in Belfast experienced. The title ‘Belfast Confetti’ is a heading that has a dual meaning. On one had the homemade bombs that the IRA used are referred to as Belfast confetti due to the nuts and bolts they put in the shrapnel. The second is more complicated. Confetti is usually used in times of celebration such as weddings, which is strange as the poem is about something completely different to a celebration. It is usually thrown over the heads of the bride and the groom, so it rains down on them. Carson may be using that title to create a metaphor; the nuts and bolts flew over the head of people just like confetti does. Carson presents the poem with widespread references to punctuation marks using words such as ‘Exclamation Marks’ and ‘Sentence’. â€Å"It was raining exclamation marks† this is trying to represent the noises made by fallin g shrapnel. Generally, exclamation marks are used when someone is shouting or when words need to be emphasised. As you can imagine, the noise of the bombs and chaos it caused must have had a huge effect on the noises that were being heard, people screaming, sirens sounding and huge fires blazing. To understand the poem you have to delve deeper into the meaning of the way in which the title of the poem is worded. This poem is very chaotic which matches this experience. The poet also does not present any type of metre or rhythm, this could be because he wanted the poem to be seen and read with the confusion which the people felt after the bomb was detonated. This gives the poem more reality than it would do if there was a clear structure to it. Analysing the lines in the poem, I can see a trend of contradictions and dual meanings. For example â€Å"All the alleyways and side streets blocked with stops and colons† on the outside this line tells us that the escape what blocked and there was n o way out of the chaos. Although looking at the line with more depth, that what is discoverable is that what is trying to be said is that there is no escape because of the violence in general. Using the word â€Å"stops† and â€Å"colons† could refer to the writers own beliefs. Carson may be trying to get a message across that all is being done to try and stop the attacks is through the Governments use of meetings and laws. Ironically, I think the author is trying to say we need to urgently tackle this violence with  actions rather than letters and meetings, hence the quote â€Å"Alleyways and side streets blocked by stops and colons† meaning by lack of action there is no escape. Furthermore, another example of these contradictions is the line â€Å"I know this labyrinth so well – Balaklava, Raglan, Inkerman, Odessa Street† This quote tells us that the author has a connection with these streets and knows his way round them. Carson compares the streets to a labyrinth, meaning the place where a man eating Minotaur lived and was said to be built like a maze, derived from Greek Mythology. This tells us that the streets were like a maze, probably due to the chaos and that there were dead people around. A bomb could be associated with the Minotaur as it was the cause of the deaths and streets to be its home as it is the place he kills. The overall message of the poem is to educate the readers of what it was like to be involved in a bombing. I also believe that the poem is trying to portray a message of invasion. His hometown was getting destroyed in front of him and the only way he believed he could teach people about this was through poetry. The fact that he chose to express his emotions through poetry is a really interesting way of getting his point across. The whole poem is an extended metaphor which shows the conflict and how chaotic the poem is.

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Women's role compared to men's role within the white supremacy groups Essay

Women's role compared to men's role within the white supremacy groups (KKK) - Essay Example The  WKKK  (Womens Ku Klux Klan)  represented an organization belonging to Ku Klux Klan. At the same time as the activity of most female representatives is concentrated on the ethical, public, and pedagogic program of the organization, they also took active part in activity connected with color of the skin, sex, and religious conviction. The activity of women in Ku Klux Klan was different in different periods of Klan’s existence. In the given paper we will analyze each period and make a conclusion about the evolution of women’s activity in Ku Klux Klan. The first period lasted from 1860 to 1870. During this period KKK women were not treated as real acting members of the Klan, they served as a representation of ethnic and sexual superiority defended by the male members.   Women helped men by preparing special clothes. The main goal of the first Ku Klux Klan organizations was to protect their white-skinned mothers, sisters and wives. Blacked-skinned women were despised and often raped by male members of the Klan (Mecklin, 1963). In 1920s the women’s role was very active. The Womens Ku Klux Klan could be found in almost every state of the country, however, its main positions were in Arkansas and Pennsylvania (Blee, 1991). Women with white skin, who was born in the United States with Protestant belief, could become members of WKKK.  The agenda of WKKK was different from that in men’s Klan as their methods were typically more peaceful (Rice, 1962). During the third period of the Klan’s existence that lasted from 1960 to 1970 women’s role was also not very important. The members of Ku Klux Klan were mostly man from South villages, who were not rich of well-educated. Their violent activity was concentrated on the oppression of African Americans. Women were not a symbol of the Klan any more because they simply did not enter it. The fourth period started in 1980 and

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Contemp poetry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Contemp poetry - Essay Example For many contemporary poets, Wordsworth remains an inspiration as they continue to investigate their own feelings of loss and aging. However, they necessarily approach the subject from a more contemporary viewpoint that has only become more abstracted and disorganized with the increased speed of modern life. These ideas can be traced through the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop, Frank O’Hara and Rae Armantrout. Elizabeth Bishop employs imagery of the modern world to highlight the loss of youth and loneliness that she finds in the contemporary madness of everyday life. For example, although â€Å"Filling Station† is a playful exchange exploring synonyms, she uses the everyday image of a backwater gas station to investigate ideas of deterioration, loss of beauty and the feeble attempts of someone to cling to the pure. Everything within the filling station is â€Å"oil-soaked, oil-permeated / to a disturbing, over-all / black translucency† (3-5) which is only interrupted by a small stack of colorful comic books that â€Å"lie / upon a big dim doily / draping a taboret† (23-25). The metaphysical question, â€Å"Why, oh why, the doily?† (30) emphasizes the sense of lost meaning that is embodied in the presence of something beautiful in this world of aged mechanics. While the sense of self is represented in the presence of the doily and the small plant near it, it is nearly entirely subsumed by the oil and grease that permeates everything in the shop, turning all into a postmodern concept of cyborg automaton. The loneliness of the self is complicated by feelings of guilt and shame only acquired through the passage of time and loss in Bishop’s â€Å"Five Flights Up.† While the guilt permeates the poem, the memory of its cause does not make an appearance, indicating the inescapable nature of it in the new world. Any joy in the bird’s or the dog’s greeting for the new day is

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Computer security and risk management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Computer security and risk management - Essay Example This paper presents a Risk Management methodology for multi-national pharmaceutical company in Midlands pertaining to protection of the Information assets and the corresponding business assets of the organization against the known threats to the organization. Introduction: Risk Management is an intelligent mix of qualitative and quantitative analysis. The qualitative analysis procedure essentially requires establishment of a structured and logical assessment framework whereby metrics are assigned to every parameter that is being assessed. The analysis against the metric levels needs to be quantitative based on past experiences (data available), industry experiences (case studies), advice from consultants and internal brainstorming. Every level needs proper justification to a deep level such that serious risks do not remain un-noticed and also meager risks do not get projected to the management as serious simply because they are more talked about in the organization. In this paper a systematic Risk Management procedure is being presented in detail and applied to the case study. The workflow of risk management has been arrived at after a study of National Institute of Standards and Technology), BS ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standard and ISO/IEC 17799:2005 code of best practices. These approaches recommend that the asset values are calculated based on Confidentiality (C), Integrity (I) and Availability (A). Thereafter, the comprehensive list of threats to the business are listed down such that the overall threat value, probability value, vulnerability value and risk value can be calculated for each asset (Olzak, Tom, 2008). Risk Assessment Process: The Risk Management Process proposed in this case study has been presented in the figure below (Figure 1). This methodology requires that all the assets are first collated and their characterization is done in terms